Types of Photo Albums | A Helpful Guide

At Kenro we stock many different formats of photo albums, and sometimes it can be tricky to decide which type of photo album is right for your project. Don’t worry! We’ve put together a helpful cheat sheet to photo album terminology.

Memo Albums

Our Kenro memo albums are book bound albums with slip-in photograph spaces with an area of writing space next to each photograph. Typically, our memo albums are available for either 6x4” or 7x5” photographs with a capacity to hold up to 200 photographs. Each pocket holds one photograph, and it is important to note that only one side of the photograph with be visible. Memo albums make great holiday and special occasion albums as well as great gifts whether you’re gifting them filled or ready to be used.

Open baby memo album


Our Kenro traditional photo albums are book bound with card pages.  These pages are acid-free meaning that your photographs will not deteriorate over time. All our traditional albums have opaque glassine interleaves to help protect the fronts of your photographs. All our traditional albums require some form of fixing; this can be done in a range of ways including our photo corners, double-sided photo tabs, adhesive tape roller or our Kenair adhesive spray (available in both permanent and moveable).


Self-adhesive albums have a sticky page, which has a plastic pull-back sheet over it. The sheet peels back from the spine side of the page and is replaced by smoothing the sheet over the photographs once they have been positioned. It is not always possible to re-position photographs once they have been stuck down. Our self-adhesive albums come with 40 sticky pages (either cream, white or black) typically 26x32.5cm.  These albums can hold up to 200 6x4” photographs.

Traditional wedding photo album


Our mini albums are soft cover albums that hold up to 36 photographs in either 6x4” or 7x5”. They are great used as a small flip album with pockets that can hold 2 photographs back-to-back, or if the rear of the photograph needs to be visible, then one photograph can be used.


Our minimax albums are the minis big brother – the same soft cover album in either 6x4” or 7x5”, but these can hold up to 100 photographs. Again, these are great used as flip books, with each pocket holding 2 photographs back-to-back, or if the rear of the photograph needs to be visible, then one photograph can be used.

No matter what kind of photo album you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it in Kenro’s extensive, great value range.