Create the Perfect Baby Album

In a world where photography is everywhere, and the majority of it is found in overloaded camera rolls on smartphones; putting together a physical photo album can really make your photography feel like a treasured possession. With our handing hints, you can create a winning album whether it’s for your own collection, or as the perfect gift for someone special.

Finding Your Subject

This really applies to creating any photo album; it must tell a story. Feature a clear beginning, middle and end to your album taking the viewer through a photography journey. It’s also best to start by thinking about the theme or subject of your album; for instance, baby’s first Christmas, birthdays, holidays, etc.

Choose the Perfect Album

Kenro has so many different types of photo albums available; from classic memo slip in albums with discreet writing space next to each image to fill with memories and annotations; self-adhesive albums which allow you mix and match different sizes of photographs; mini albums for concise, photography only albums; or even a scrapbook style album. Deciding on the type of photo album will help guide you in selecting the perfect photographs.

Babyy Photo Album with unicorn and dinosaur

Selecting Photographs

You have your narrative, and you have your album, now it’s time to decide on what you’re putting inside. Especially if you’re gifting this album, we recommend using the highest quality images possible – those with great lighting and in focus. However, it’s also important to remember that albums aren’t always there to be perfect; make sure you add in images of the highest personal value too.

The fun part!

With all your careful selections made, now it’s the fun part to put it all together. Remember the story you’re trying to tell – whether you’re going in chronological order, or perhaps aesthetic is taking president. Add in all those personal touches, from notes, messages or even think outside the box by adding in 3D elements or non-photography pieces like postcards, artworks or even material. The most important thing is to have fun!

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Filled baby photo album