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Kenro USB 35mm Film & Slide Scanner

No CD-ROM drive to install the software for your KNSC202 scanner? No problem, download the software from this page, install, then use the serial number below to activate your downloaded software.

The serial number for the software is:


Please note, if you are using a Mac computer you may need to amend your settings to allow installation of apps from "App Store and identified developers", and you may also need to temporarily disable the firewall to allow installation of the software.

Download here

Kenro USB 35mm Film & Slide Scanner

NanLite PavoTube Accessories

Version 7, updated 10/09/2020

NanLight PavoTube II 6C Firmware Upgrade

This new version of the firmware for the PavoTube II 6C allows you to dim the light to 0% without switching off by quick-pressing the power button (press and hold to switch off), and increases the green / magenta balance to +/-100 for greater colour precision and accuracy (previous version: +/-50). To upgrade, download the software from this page, unzip the folder, then follow the directions in the 'PavoTube II 6C Instruction.pdf' file.

Download here