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Elevate your videography to professional heights with Kenro's exceptional video tripods. Our collection of video tripods is meticulously designed to provide stability, flexibility, and precision for all your filming needs. Whether you're a content creator, filmmaker, or vlogger, our range includes a variety of tripods suitable for your unique requirements. From compact and lightweight options for on-the-go shooting to robust models for studio setups, Kenro's video tripods ensure steady and smooth footage. Explore our video tripod collection now and take your videography to the next level!

on camera microphone set up
on camera microphone set up

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Standard Video Tripod Kits

Standard Video Tripod Kits



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  • Material Aluminium / Carbon Fibre
  • Number of Sections 3 / 3
  • Maximum Leg Diameter 28mm / 28mm
  • Minimum Leg Diameter 22mm / 22mm
  • Maximum Working Height 1590mm / 1700mm
  • Minimum Working Height 245mm / 250mm
  • Folded Length 790mm / 790mm
  • Maximum Weight Load 5kg / 6kg
Kenro Twin Tube Video Tripod Kit (Aluminium)

Kenro Twin Tube Video Tripod Kit (Aluminium)



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  • Material Aluminium
  • Number of Sections 3 Sections
  • Maximum Leg Diameter 16mm
  • Minimum Leg Diameter 14mm
  • Maximum Working Height 1850mm
  • Minimum Working Height 855mm
  • Folded Length 900mm
  • Weight 4.5kg
  • Maximum Weight Load 6kg
Kenro Video Monopod Kit (Aluminium)

Kenro Video Monopod Kit (Aluminium)



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  • Material Aluminium
  • Number of Sections 5
  • Maximum Leg Diameter 34.5mm
  • Minimum Leg Diameter 22mm
  • Maximum Working Height 1590mm
  • Minimum Working Height 635mm
  • Folded Length 635mm
  • Weight 2.06 Kg
  • Maximum Weight Load 5 Kg
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  • This is my most used wedding videography tool for my main camera set up and when I am tired of using a ronin. Smooth, sturdy, not too heavy, easy to use, has a carry case, I used Manfrotto's and I can't really tell the difference as there isn't much a difference and its in the the fraction of the price of a 'Manfrotto'

    - F. Ahmed

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  • I now have two of these Tripods, I bought the first as I was curious to see how good it was and it gave me all the options. I was so impressed with the first one I bought, I bought another to have a matched pair. I absolutely love these tripods and would recommend them to anyone looking for a video tripod as it also delivers a high working height too and is rock solid with a reasonable fluid head.

    - Steve Brookfield

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    Standard Video Tripod Kits Standard Video Tripod Kits

    Standard Video Tripod Kits

    From €179,99

Kenro's range of video tripod kits, heads and slider is designed for ease of use, reliablity and affordability. In a choice of 8-layer carbon fibre or high quality aluminium alloy, it includes a video monopod with a fold-out base for additional stability when space is at a premium, plus a standard video tripod for regular filming needs. It also features an ultra-stable twin tube video tripod in aluminium, with a three section, dual leg system and mid-section spreader for extra regidity and peace of mind.

Each tripod and monopod is matched with a fluid-action, two-way pan and tilt head, with built-in spirit level, quick release plate and adjustable foam-lined handle. They are supplied in padded carry cases with a 6-year limited warranty.

Also available in this range are two Kenro video tripod heads, for smaller and larger loads, a bowl head adapter, and our innovative double distance slider, which is ingeniously engineered to offer greater range of motion than its actual length.