Travel Photography: 4 Camera Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Whether you’re a pro or a holiday snapper, we’ve got a list of a few camera accessories you’ll want to make sure you have with you on your next photography trip!

Kenro Smart Lite Mini Tripod & Grip


When on the go, you need a tripod that’s not only versatile but also so compact it can fit in your back pocket. Providing endless new and creative angles, the Kenro Smart Lite Mini Tripod & Grip is the number one travel companion. Weighing in at just 95g, the grip is perfect for vlogging or extended filming as well as being a stable and compact tripod ideal for those landscape shots. Complete with ¼” screw, it’s compatible with our range of mini ball heads and smartphone holders for ultimate adaptability.

Kenro Smart Lite RGB Compact LED Video Light


Add a little light to any subject or setting with the Kenro Smart Lite RGB Compact LED Video Light. This ultra-lightweight panel is compact and slim enough to slip into a pocket or store discreetly in your kit bag to keep handy for whenever you need it. With a powerful magnet build into the strong aluminium alloy casing, this light can be mounted in even the most awkward spaces. With a full temperature range and 360-degree RGB colour spectrum, it offers limitless creativity.  (And plus, it fits perfectly on the Smart Lite Mini Tripod & Grip!)

Marumi DHG UV Filter

From £7.81

Protect your lenses with the Marumi DHG UV Filter. Perfect for the on-the-go photographer, it protects and prevents ultraviolet damage to your camera’s lens, preventing your imagery from turning out hazy as well as protecting the lens itself from dirt and scratches from heavy duty use. This filter blocks rays with a wavelength of up to 390mm, help to produce clearer images in higher contrast. Of course, there are plenty of other fun filter options, and we go through them in more detail in our Buying Guide: Lens Filters.

Screen Protector


As previously touched upon, keep your gear pristine will help aid any photography, but it’s so important when you’re travelling. Kenro’s Digital Camera Screen Protector can be cut to size and helps protect your equipment from scratches and glare.

BONUS! Magic Cleaning Cloth


Just as important as a screen protector, don’t forget to take your Magic Cleaning Cloth. This ultrafine microfibre cloth cleans lenses without smearing. Perfect for carrying with you and making sure your photo lenses or even binoculars are n tip top condition.