Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

Photographers are a hard bunch to buy for, but in this Christmas gift guide, we’ll take you through our top 10 picks for photographer gifts in 2022. Every product here is a super useful addition to any camera bag no matter their level of expertise or the extent of your budget. So, let’s dive in and discover the best gifts for photographers this year!


The Stocking Fillers Under £15

Fit + Slim UV Filters

Perfect for the ‘out and about’ photographer, UV lens filters protect and prevent ultraviolet damage to a camera’s lens and help produce clearer images in higher contrast as well as protecting lenses from dirt and scratches from heavy use. This makes it the perfect gift for any new or established photographer. A great option for this is the Marumi DHG Fit + Slim UV Filters available from just £13.25.

KSLX109 Kenro Smart Lite Mini Tripod & Grip

A lot of photography equipment can be bulky and indiscreet, but not the Kenro Smart Lite Mini Tripod & Grip! It’s the perfect slimline table-top tripod. Designed for use with compact cameras and smartphones as well as doubling up as a lighting stand its quick set up and multi-use makes it a must-have tool in any photographer’s bag. Gift it now for just £12.99.


Gifts Under £30

KSLX107 Kenro 2.8m Pro Lighting Stand

Perfect for those who love lighting! Whether they work in a studio or out on location, the perfect lighting stand can make all the difference. The Kenro 2.8m Pro Lighting Stand is the ideal mix of lightweight and stability. Weighing just 2.2kg and with a working maximum height of 2.8m but folding away to just 90cm long, this masterpiece of portability is a great gift! You can pick it up from just £27.99 today!

TYR1 Takeway R1 Mini Clampod

Buying for a photographer who loves going on an adventure? The Takeway R1 Mini Clampod is the perfect accessory to gift. Compatible with action cameras, smartphones and GPS devises this mini clampod is ideal for fixing onto cycle or motorcycle handlebars or for clamping onto unusual shapes such as branches to get the ideal long exposure shot. Grab this tiny, portable clampod for just £29.99.


Gifts Under £60

KENTR103 Karoo Compact Travel Tripod Kit it Aluminium

One bit of kit no photographer should be without is a strong and sturdy tripod and the Karoo Compact Travel Tripod Kit is the ideal one for any photographer! Manufactured from high quality magnesium aluminium alloy, this light but highly durable is a must-have. With an impressive load capacity of up to 8kg, maximum working heigh of 1614mm and folded length of just 375mm, this tripod is a welcome gift for all. Available at Kenro for £59.99.

KSLP101 Kenro Smart Lite Bi-Colour Compact LED Video Light

Great for the on-the-go photographer and studio photographer alike, the Kenro Smart Lite Bi-Colour Compact LED Light is a pocketful of professional and portable lighting. Suited to all kinds of photo and video projects including portraiture, wedding, macro photography and more! Whether they use a DSLR or smartphone, this pocket-size panel is bright enough to be used as a key light, a fill light or to provide highlights when needed. Pick it up for just £49.99.


Gifts Under £100

KFL102 Kenro Mini Speedflash

Looking for something flashier? Have a look at the Kenro Mini Speedflash. Available in a Canon, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon or Sony fit, this compact, powerful flashgun is suited to all. Even though it is just 11cm high, and 150g, this pocket-sized mini speed flash is the perfect external flashgun for smaller DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and a useful addition to any photographer’s kit bag. Gift it for £79.99 today.

KSLT101 Kenro Smart Lite Compact RGB Tube Light

For that tech loving, lighting enthusiast in your life, look no further than the Kenro Smart Lite Compact RGB Tube Light. This palm-size, all-purpose lighting phenomenon is perfect no matter what project they’re doing. Ideal for an up-close fill light, ambient light or to add a pop of colour, this tube light provides optimal lighting with precision control for the shot. Supplied with everything they need to get started straight out of the box for £89.99!


Gifts Over £100

KNBL402 Kenro Waterproof Binoculars 10x32

A pair of Kenro Waterproof Binoculars is the perfect gift for any nature photographer. With a high-quality roof prism system for a lightweight, streamlined design this compact pair of binoculars boasts excellent image brightness and clarity. Light enough to be handheld for extended periods of time, which is perfect for wildlife watching, but they can also be adapted to a tripod for greater stability and versatility. Gift a pair for £119.99.

KSLR101 Kenro Smart Lite 19” RGB Ring Light Kit

Give the gift of flawless lighting with the Kenro Smart Lite 19” RGB Ring Light Kit. Whether they’re just starting their portraiture journey or they’re a pro in the field, the 19” Ring Light Kit boasts high quality, accurate lighting with precise control that everyone will appreciate. With high spec, full RGB LEDs that give 1-100% brightness and saturation control, and full 360-degree RGB spectrum, this light offers a virtually unlimited palette of customisation and endless creative options. Get it now for £169.99.


There are so many amazing products for photographers on the market today. But stick to this list to know you made the right decision. Whether you’re buying for a beginner, hobbyist or even a pro photographer, there’s a little something in this selection for everyone.

Not found it here? Why not have a browse of our full Kenro Smart Lite range for that perfect gift!