4 Easy Ways To Mount in a Photo Album

Wanting to create a perfect photo album with all your precious memories, but not sure which is the best way to mount them in your traditional album? Look no further!

We've put together the 4 best and easiest ways to mount your photo album which can all be found at Kenro! All of our adhesive options offer a mess-free, touch-free application that won't leave any unwanted residue or fingerprints behind.

Whether you're mounting photographs, polaroids or any other scrapbooking materials, these adhesive applications are photo-safe and acid-free to ensure your memories will be protected forever.


1. Double Sided Photo Stickers

Also known as self-adhesive tabs or photo tabs, our Double Sided Photo Stickers are a mess-free, permanent adhesive solution fit for any traditional album. Simply place the sticky side of the rectangle on the back of the photograph (depending on the size of the photograph, we would recommend having one in every corner and one in the centre for larger images). Once all tabs stickers are places, peal of the backing of each and place the photo where you wish onto the photo album page. These are a permanent solution, so we would always recommend laying out your photo album page first.


2. Self Adhesive Photo Corners

Self adhesive photo corners (or archival photo corners) are the most traditional way to mount your photographs without adhesive on the photographs themselves. Simply place each corner of your photograph into one of the clear photo corners, and press down firmly on the photo album page to attach. Although the photo corners themselves are permanent, they are ideal if you want to change or replace photos, or even to add or read notes on the back of an old photograph as no adhesive comes into contact with the photos themselves.

 Adhesive Sprays

3. Kenair Adhesive Sprays

The Kenair colourless Adhesive Sprays are the perfect adhesive solution for mounting paper, foam, film, textiles, acetate and of course photographs.

Available in two solutions, the Kenair Repositionable Adhesive Spray allows you to remove and reposition the item being mounted as required, whereas the Kenair Permanent Adhesive Spray creates a secure, permanent bond once the adhesive has set.

These easy-to-use sprays are PH7 (neutral), acid-free, CFC free, non-carcinogenic and are a mess-free photo mounting solution.


4. Adhesive Tape Runner

Our Adhesive Tape Runner offers a similar mounting method to the Double Sided Photo Stickers, but offers a stronger adhesive contact. Handy for heavier or thicker items that need more adhesive coverage. For use on photographs, simply roll a small amount of the adhesive tape (around 1-2cm) on the back of the photograph, in each corner, then press into place in your photo album. For heavier items, we would recommend using a longer line of adhesive tape for optimum hold.


Bonus 5. Slip-in Memo Albums

Not feeling confident arranging your own photo album pages, or if you're not 100% sure that you want a permanent solution? Why not have a browse of our slip-in memo, self-adhesive, mini or minimax albums which offer non-permanent photo storage and display options!