Choosing The Right Picture Frame

A picture frame is more than just a means to display an image. When done with consideration, a picture frame is an essential tool to enhance the visual impact of photography, print or artwork, bringing them to life.

When it comes to picking out the perfect picture frame for your project, we’ve put something helpful hints to get the most out of your choice.

To Mount or Not to Mount

Adding a matboard or choosing a frame that has a matboard can really change the look of your image. Having a mount can sometimes add some much needed distance between the print and the frame, creating a more aesthetically pleasing balance to the piece. This can improve the visibility and of the piece you’re framing as well as giving your photo or artwork a genuine ‘gallery’ look. Having the edges of an image butt up against a frame, whether complementary or intentionally contrasting, it can sometimes make an artwork or photograph feel constrained.

We have a beautiful range of picture frames that include mounts; our popular Senator series of solid wood frames has a removable white picture mat giving two photo size options in just one frame. In a painted white, black or grey or natural oak, the Senator frames are a timeless classic for any framing project.

Alternatively, our best-selling Ambassador Series come in a choice of warm natural wood or black finish with a generous, built-in white bevel mount. The picture inlay is framed by the same rubberwood as the outer frame for a striking, clean and contemporary look.

Already bought a frame without a mount? Don’t worry – we have a lovely selection of bevel mounts in black, white and ivory.

Kenro Frames with mounts


It is so easy to underestimate the size of an artwork in a frame, and much like when it’s not mounted having a frame that’s too small will make your image feel crammed in. It’s also important to consider that not every print or photography is of standard size; again, it is always better to overestimate this size to make sure you don’t end up having to trim down your pictures.

Try our large scale poster frames, like our Chester Series 61x91cm for maximum impact, available in black and natural oak.

Or, if in doubt, browse our frames that come with a removeable mount including out wood Senator Series, aluminium Avenue Series, or more rustic and decorative Clifton Series.

Keep décor in mind.

When choosing a picture frame, especially a wall mounted frame, many people try to match their décor. However, it is important to think about how long your artwork may be on the wall. In many cases they’re hanging for years unchanged whereas décor styles and accents in the room may change. Consider choosing a complementary yet classic or timeless frame.

Explore Kenro’s full range of wood, décor, poster and silver-plated picture frames and more.

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