Buying Guide: Tripod Heads

Why do I need a Tripod Head?

There are so many different types of tripod heads to choose from that it can sometimes be a little daunting to match a tripod head to your photographic and filmmaking needs. So here is a little breakdown of what is important to consider when choosing the tripod head for you.

Heads and Legs

Firstly, it’s important to consider what legs you’re using – putting a sophisticated triple action ball head on a flimsy tripod or using a state-of-the-art slider on a monopod just isn’t going to work. To read all about choosing the right tripod for you go to our Buying Guide: Tripods edition.

Double vs. Triple Action Ball Heads

Choosing a Ball Head to atop your tripod will drastically enhance the steadiness of your tripod and offers a quick a more precise rotation of the camera for both photographers and videographers. A Double Action Ball Head works great for shooting static shots with an inbuild levels to make sure you’re not having to straighten up your shot in post. Opting for a Triple Action Ball Head will give you more flexibility when shooting panning or tilting shots or for more unique angles, still with inbuilt levels to keep your pans on point.

Gimbal Head

If you’re looking to shoot more action or moving sequences or if you want even more flexibility when shooting static imagery, a Gimbal Head is the ideal addition to your arsenal. Featuring an elevated tilt mechanism and height adjustable platform enables you to alight the axis of the head with the camera or lens’ centre of gravity. With 360-degree smooth panning base and swinging arm makes it ideal for following fast-moving subjects.

Video Heads & Sliders

Built with filmmakers in mind, the Kenro Video Heads are a light and compact option for slick panning, complete with an adjustable pan handle and quick release plate. Or if you’re looking for an even sturdier set up for the perfect pan, the Kenro Double Distance Compact Slider offers heavy duty portability ideal for those tricky tracking shots with a full 76cm of movement.