5 Essentials For Any Beginner Vlogger

Thinking about starting vlogging, but don't know where to start in terms of equipment? We've outlined 5 essentials that you won't want to start without. 

Lens Cloth

Okay, so maybe not the most exciting piece of kit, but it’s an essential to make sure your gear is in tip-top condition. Keeping your camera kit clean can save you a lot of time when it comes to post-production – no more pain staking editing to remove dust spots or unwanted smudges. Try the Magic Cleaning Cloth; it’s microfibre and the perfect back-pocket size.


Making sure your vlog is correctly lit will help the overall look and feel of your videos. Day light is preferable for a lot of vloggers, but if you’re more of a sit-down content creator that needs flawless lighting, the Kenro Smart Lite 19” RGB Ring Light Kit is the perfect set up. With easy mounts for your DSLR, smartphone or tablet it’s a great go-to kit. With fill RGB ring light that features 1-100% control for brightness and saturation as well as full 360-degree RGB colour spectrum, this ring light offers endless creative options.   


No matter what you’re filming, you’ll want to have the best audio possible to make your videos stand out from the crowd. Depending on what and how you’re filming, there are two great ways to do this. If you’re wanting to eliminate as much background or environmental noise as possible, you’ll want to use the Kenro Lavalier Mic. This mic is the perfect way to ensure top-notch audio in a compact and easily hidden mic. If environmental noise isn’t such an issue, and you’re wanting to pick up sounds from a number of different points (i.e., multiple people in a shot or even at an event) you’ll want to use the Kenro Cardioid Mic which sits neatly atop any DSLR camera.

Tripod or Grip?

You’ve got your lightweight camera, but what about those times where you need to set the camera down for a time lapse or showing product? Do you invest in an ergonomic grip or a sturdy tripod? No need to choose, pick the Kenro Smart Lite Mini Tripod and Grip! Compact yet versatile; close the legs to use it as a comfortable and lightweight grip to capture videos that stand out from the crowd or open them for a small yet sturdy tripod. Not only that, but thanks to its universal ¼” screw thread, the tripod and grip cam be used with a variety of digital devices including both your DSLR and your smartphone. We go into more detail about the choosing the right tripod in our Buying Guide: Tripods.


Not only do lenses add an extra layer of protection on your camera, but it can also ease any post-production. We have a comprehensive buying guide for our Marumi lenses, but if there’s one that you should really start out with, it’s a UV filter. These filters are great for an ‘out and about’ vlogger, as not only do these protect and prevent ultraviolet damage to your camera’s lens preventing your imagery from going hazy, but they also help protect your lens against dirt, scratches, and fair-weather conditions.

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