5 Different Ways To Use Your Photo Frames

Tired of framing ordinary photographs? Want to add some depth to your gallery wall? Have a read of our five ways to utilise your photo frames for something other than photographs.

Post Cards & Mementos

Usually pinned to a notice board and forgotten or left in a holiday box gathering dust in the loft, why not use our a multi aperture frames like collage options of our Rocco High Gloss Series, Clothesline Series or Tunda Series to display all your travel keep sakes. Why not mix it up and display photographs alongside post cards, tickets, stamps, or other key travel memories.


Children’s Artwork

Most children’s artwork ends up displayed on the fridge, but framing your children’s artwork in colourful Frisco frames, natural Chester poster size wooden frames or even simple clip frames is a great way to decorate their room, or gift to other friends and family. It’s also a wonderful way keep their creations safe for years to come.



Add a bit of texture to your gallery wall by taking out the glass or acrylic and framing a scarf or your favourite material. This not only adds a great bit of dimension to your wall décor, but it’s also a great way to preserve any special fabrics such as heirlooms. Simply wrap the scarf around the mat board and tape the edges to the back for a perfect fit.


Pressed Botanicals

Dried and pressed flowers have become so popular over the last few years and they’re so simple to DIY. Taking cuttings from your garden on your favourite flowers, pressing them between greaseproof paper and two large, heavy books and framing in your favourite Kenro frame. We love framing ours in our wooden Sienna series or our Reveal series.



The prefect gift for any music lover is a frame of their favourite record. Our Frisco series are perfect for this as they are available in four classic colours in all your record sizes: 7x7”, 10x10” and 12x12”.

Have you thought of other ways to utilise your photo frames in a fabulously creative way? Comment it below!