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Takeway Clampod Accessories

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There are a variety of accessories for the Takeway T1 Clampod including a Mini Ball Head TYB01 designed for use with the Takeway Ranger R1, Takeway G1 Tripod or Takeway Flex Neck. It has a load capacity of 3 Kg and features a Quick Release Plate.

Smartphone holder for Sports, T-PH02 this is a smartphone holder for dynamic use – such as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, skateboarding etc. Even with violent shaking, a smartphone will not easily fall out. It is designed for smartphones from 4” to 5.7” in size.

The Tablet holder T-TH01 is compatible with tablets from 7” to 10.2” – such as iPad, Note 10.1 etc. A screw hole is at the back of the holder. You can adjust the size of the holder according to your needs. The stored holder is only 15 cm x 6.4 cm, the max opening for tablet width is 20cm.

The Takeway Flex Neck TYFN01 is a flexible neck, 11 cm in length and fits the camera plate on the T1 and R1 Takeway Clamps, also the T-B01 Ball head. Its bending action enables the user, in conjunction with a Takeway Clap to operate at more extreme angles ie around corners and underneath certain objects.

TY102 Takeway T-TH01 Tablet Holder 4715409206330 IN STOCK €18.91
TY103 Takeway T-PH02 Phone Holder Sporty 4715409206392 IN STOCK €16.40
TYFN01 Takeway Flex Neck 4715409206484 IN STOCK €23.32
TYB01 Takeway Mini Ball Head 4715409206514 IN STOCK €23.98