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Speckled Porcelain Vases

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Available in three complementary, on-trend colours, these round vases from Kusso are made of sturdy porcelain, painted and finished with an attractive speckled effect. There is no drainage hole in the base of the vase, so it can be used for cacti and plants as well as bunches of live or dried flowers. Each vase weighs 726g and is 19cm high, with a 14cm solid base and an opening diameter of 5.2cm.

The three colours can be sold individually or as a complementary set: soft, chic grey; sophisticated, on-trend mink; and warm, rustic brown.

YVAS04 Round Porcelain Vase - Grey 5023168045824 IN STOCK €18.91
YVAS05 Round Porcelain Vase - Brown 5023168059883 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 10-Dec-2021
YVAS06 Round Porcelain Vase - Mink 5023168059890 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 10-Dec-2021