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Kenair Clean Air Duster

The New Eco Friendly Kenair Air Duster uses an Ultra Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Propellant. Kenro is one of the first companies to utilise this product technology in an Air Duster. The new product has a similar performance to the original, but with the additional benefit of a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential). The Eco Friendly Kenair is ozone friendly and complies with the latest EU regulations on fluorinated gases (EU No. 517 /2014).

Kenair emits a powerful controllable jet of gas, 65psi internal can (4.5 bar) at normal room temperature. It is used to blow dust, fluff, lint, grit or other unwanted debris from surfaces or cavities. It is used extensively as a high performance cleaner for photo, video, computer and electronic equipment, and is also used generally in industry, engineering, maintenance, by hobbyists and a host of other applications. We do not recommend Kenair for cleaning digital camera sensors, surface coated / camera mirrors or directly onto high grade optics.

Do not invert the can when in use. For further information please refer to our SDS document.

Operating temperatures: Optimum operating temperature for Kenair is normal room temperature (UK 15-25C). Performance will be impaired at very low temperatures (ie. below 5C).

Health and safety: Please refer to our SDS document, and to the safety information printed on the can.

Kenair Air Duster Master Kit (KENR01)

The Master Kit comprises a 360ml can of Kenair and a reusable actuator valve, supplied in a recyclable cardboard box.

Kenair Air Duster Refill (KENR02)

This 360ml refill can is supplied without an actuator valve, so you can save your actuator valve from previous Kenair purchases as a more cost-effective and sustainable way to top up your supply.

Reusable Actuator Valve (KENRO4)

The reusable actuator valve is also available on its own, and is used with your refill can to produce a powerful, controllable jet of air.

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