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Kenair AntiReflect

Kenair Anti-Reflect sprays are used in studio and video photography to generally control unwanted reflections and flare.

Full matt (KENR07): This is used to reduce and tone down flare and highlights when photographing highly polished, reflective and contrasting surfaces, such as jewellery, silver, cars, glass and furniture.

Black (KENR07B): This is used to reduce surface reflection when photographing highly polished and reflective black surfaces, for example black televisions and cars. It can also be used to produce an edge key on items with highly polished surfaces, such as glassware.

White (KENR07W): This is used to tone down reflection on white surfaces in the studio or in bright sunlight out on location.

Kenair sprays are suitable for use with most materials. If in doubt, we suggest you test on a small area first. Wipe off with a soft, dry cloth immediately after use.

KENR07 Kenair AntiReflect Full Matt 400ml 5023168005859 IN STOCK €17.68
KENR07B Kenair AntiReflect Black 400ml 5023168042496 IN STOCK €17.68
KENR07W Kenair AntiReflect White 400ml 5023168042502 IN STOCK €17.68