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Kenair Adhesive Spray

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Kenair 400ml colourless adhesive sprays are used for mounting materials such as paper, stencils, foam board, film, textiles, acetate film, photo paper, layout paper, etc. It will not show through or wrinkle lightweight materials.

Available in two versions, the Kenair Repositionable Adhesive Spray (KENR08) allows you to remove and reposition the item being mounted as required, whereas the Kenair Permanent Adhesive Spray (KENR09) creates a secure, permanent bond once the adhesive has set.

These easy-to-use sprays are PH7 (neutral), acid-free, CFC free, non-carcinogenic and supplied in recyclable packaging.

KENR08 Kenair Repositionable Adhesive Spray 400ml 5023168050828 IN STOCK €10.99
KENR09 Kenair Permanent Adhesive Spray 400ml 5023168050835 IN STOCK €12.99