Envoy Modern Series

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This smart range of well-made plastic frames is available in white or piano black. These shiny frames feature curved concave profiles with a slender silver border separating the frame from the picture window. Available in eight popular sizes from 6x4” to A3, supplied shrink wrapped.

EVM1015B Envoy Modern Black Frame 6x4" 5023168044247 IN STOCK €6.81
EVM1318B Envoy Modern Black Frame 7x5" 5023168044254 IN STOCK €7.93
EVM1520B Envoy Modern Black Frame 8x6" 5023168044261 IN STOCK €9.25
EVM2025B Envoy Modern Black Frame 8x10" 5023168044278 IN STOCK €11.94
EVM2030B Envoy Modern Black Frame 8x12" 5023168044285 IN STOCK €13.47
EVM2130B Envoy Modern Black Frame A4 5023168044292 IN STOCK €13.47
EVM3040B Envoy Modern Black Frame 12x16" 5023168044315 IN STOCK €18.50
EVMA3B Envoy Modern Black Frame A3 5023168044308 IN STOCK €18.75
EVM1015W Envoy Modern White Frame 6x4" 5023168044162 IN STOCK €6.81
EVM1318W Envoy Modern White Frame 7x5" 5023168044179 IN STOCK €7.93
EVM1520W Envoy Modern White Frame 8x6" 5023168044186 IN STOCK €9.25
EVM2025W Envoy Modern White Frame 8x10" 5023168044193 IN STOCK €11.94
EVM2030W Envoy Modern White Frame 8x12" 5023168044209 IN STOCK €13.47
EVM2130W Envoy Modern White Frame A4 5023168044216 IN STOCK €13.47
EVM3040W Envoy Modern White Frame 12x16" 5023168044230 IN STOCK €18.50
EVMA3W Envoy Modern White Frame A3 5023168044223 IN STOCK €18.75