Acrylic Display Frames

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Kenro's lightweight, durable acrylic display frames are suitable for displaying photographs, posters, certificates or information. These freestanding L-shaped frames feature super-slim profiles and unobtrusive flat stands. Available in portrait or landscape format for four popular photo sizes, plus an A4 option in portrait only. Supplied individually packaged in clear plastic bags.

ADF1015P Acrylic Display Frame 6x4" Portrait 5023168045435 IN STOCK €2.69
ADF1015L Acrylic Display Frame 6x4" Landscape 5023168045442 IN STOCK €2.69
ADF1318P Acrylic Display Frame 7x5" Portrait 5023168045459 IN STOCK €3.41
ADF1318L Acrylic Display Frame 7x5" Landscape 5023168045466 IN STOCK €3.41
ADF1520P Acrylic Display Frame 8x6" Portrait 5023168045473 IN STOCK €4.37
ADF1520L Acrylic Display Frame 8x6" Landscape 5023168045480 IN STOCK €4.37
ADF2025P Acrylic Display Frame 8x10" Portrait 5023168045497 IN STOCK €6.81
ADF2025L Acrylic Display Frame 8x10" Landscape 5023168045503 IN STOCK €6.81
ADF2130P Acrylic Display Frame A4 Portrait 5023168045510 IN STOCK €10.72